We carry a top-notch selection of domestic and imported beer.

Beer On Draught from England • Ireland & Scotland • Germany • Belgium Switzerland • U.S. • Mexico + Other imported bottles

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Bottles on Draught

Full Moon Ale****
It is our best and the freshest ale we sell. It is a full bodied amber characterized by extra dry hops. Originally brewed in our basement, production has been moved to a small brewery in upstate New York.


Murphy's Stout

Newcastle Brown Ale****
A very smooth, slightly buttery ale. Its sweetness is steadied with an underlying dryness.

Guinness Stout****
The classic dry Irish stout.

Fullers Extra Special Bitter****
A beautifully balanced ale, with fresh hoppiness being countered by honeyish fruitiness. An excellent choice.

Cider Jack
A dry alcoholic apple cider. Best when mixed with beer, called a snakebite.



Pete's Seasonal Varieties

Amstel Light

Anchor Steam

Bottles form England

Double Diamond

Fuller's London Pride
A well balanced, award winning bitter.

John Courage Mackeson's Triple Stout****
A definitive milk stout, it offers a sweetness that is quite pronounced. It produces a lovely creamy head and its roasted flavor makes it suitable for sipping.

Old Nick Barley Wine****
A classic dark barley wine, warming with some liqueurish fruitiness (a hint of banana) in the finish.

Old Peculiar****
A dark ale with a unique sweet richness which is positively embracing. As satisfying as a chaste kiss.

Royal Oak Pale Ale
A super-premium bitter with a fruity character.

Samuel Smith Pale Ale****
A classic from Yorkshire fermented in slate vessels. All Sam's have a full texture and a unique roundness.

Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale****
A nutty tasting brown ale, malty, with a great deal of interwoven hop character. A magnificent brew.

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout****
The oatmeal, used for its nutritive qualities, creates a soothing, silky stout that is full in body and flavor.

Samuel Smith Imperial Stout****
This Russian stout is silky and immensely rich, with the flavor of slightly burnt currants on a cake.

Samuel Smith Taddy Porter****
Wonderfully tart and refreshing, this is perhaps the best porter ever brewed.

Samuel Smith Winter Warmer****

Thomas Hardy's Hardy Country

Thomas Hardy's Ale***
(Rarest Ale in Britian) Britian's most potent brew. It is produced in vintage limited editions, aged in sherry wood. When young, it is very sweet, but it dries with age, gaining a sherryish character. Contains over 12% alcohol.

Watney's Cream Stout
A full bodied sweet stout, silky and smooth.

Watney's Red Barrel

Young's London Special Bitter

Young's Oatmeal Stout

Young's Ram Rod


Bottles form Ireland & Scotland

McEwan's Scotch Ale

McEwan's Export India Pale Ale

A dark ale, rich and full, its sweetness balanced by oaky dryness. A vintage port among beers. Excellent!



Bottles form Germany


Hacker Pschorr Weisse****

Holsten Pils

Paulaner Hefeneizen****

A super-premium dry pilsner, perfected the art of bottom fermentation.

Spaten Dark****
An excellent brew of dark mahogany color, malty.

Spaten Franziskaner
Clean and sparkling, made from wheat.

St. Pauli Girl


Bottles from Belgium

Corsendonk Monk's Brown Ale

Meaning ìdevilî, its palate is soft and seductive, yet its high alcohol content will get you in the end.

Leifman's Goudenband****
The world's finest brown ale, has a great depth of flavor with montilla notes and a hint of dry cherry.

Lindeman's Framboise****
A lambic beer made with raspberries.

Lindeman's Peche****

St. Sixtus Trappist Ale****
A very interesting, highly potent brew with sweet fruitiness, perhaps a hint of honeydew melon.


Bottles form Switzerland

Samiclaus Dark Bier****
Strongest beer in the world! 14%. Brewed only once per year on Dec. 6th, celebrating St. Nicholas. Its long maturation and high alcohol content make for a surprising firmness and brandyish finish. LIMIT TWO!


Bottles form the United States

Anchor Liberty Ale****
Intensely aromatic, hoppy-tasting.

Blackened Voodoo

Crimson Voodoo

Bud Light

Bud Ice

Grants I.P.A.

Harpoon Ale

Harpoon I.P.A.

Killian's Red

Michelob Dry

New Amsterdam

Rolling Rock

Pete's Wicked Ale

Pete's Red

Pete's Honeywheat

Red Wolf Lager

Samuel Adams Boston Ale****
Remarkably balanced between its malty body and powerful Goldings hop character.

Samuel Adams Double Bock (Seasonal)
The maltiest beer in American, great depth of flavor.

Samuel Adams Lager Samuel Adams Octoberfest (Seasonal)
Made with deep-roasted malt, has a reddish color.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager (Seasonal)
Dark wheat bock, uses extra malt for full-bodied taste.

Samuel Adams Wheat (Seasonal)
Uses three types of hops and malted wheat, very clean.

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale****
This American classic has an irresistibly teasing balance between a huge floweriness and a fruitiness in its fresh bouquet and complex palate. Sierra Nevada Stout Very smooth, with a powerful roastiness in its finish.

Sierra Nevada Celebration (Seasonal)
Made differently each year.

Sierra Nevada Big Foot**** (Seasonal)
Earthy aroma and chewy palate, one of America's strongest beers with over 11% alcohol.

Sierra Nevada Pale Bock**** (Seasonal)
Bright gold, very clean, soft and dry, with a real punch of hops in the finish.

Sierra Nevada Summerfest (Seasonal)
Light but hoppy, very refreshing.


Bottles from Canada

Molson Export, Molson Ice

Upper Canada Lager

Upper Canada Rebellion


Bottles from Mexico

Dos Equis


Other imported Bottles

Heineken (Holland)

Grolsch (Holland)

Buckler non-alcoholic (Holland)

Dragon Stout (Jamaica)

Red Stripe (Jamaica)

Fischer Labelle (France)

Jenlain**** (France)
Deep amber color, fruity aroma, with notes of vanilla.

Pilsner Urquel**** (Czech Republic)

Moretti (Italy)

Kirin Ichiban (Japan)

Carlsberg (Denmark)


**** Highly Recommended

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